About us

Friends of the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw

The association was registered in 2009, shortly after the Museum’s first building at Pańska 3 was opened. As our bylaws state, we are an association supporting the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw. We have the status of an OPP, a public benefit organisation.

The Friends have directly supported selected purchases of artworks for the Museum’s collection or supplemented the Museum’s fund required by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. Our first purchase, that we are particularly proud of, is Andrzej Wróblewski’s drawing “Muzeum” (eng. “Museum”). We have also aided financing the purchases of artworks by Zbigniew Libera, Goshka Macuga, Mirosław Bałka, Lynette Yiadom-Boakye, and have bought works by Lukas MüllerMikołaj Sobczak, Rafał Milach and Gizela Mickiewicz. Working with FOAF Warsaw we have created the Friends Art Fund, through which we acquired works by Sean Mullins, David FlaugherShana Moulton and Nancy Lupo.

Together with the artists working with the Museum we also publish and sell artist editions thus fulfilling our statutory goals of enhancing understanding, interest, and education about modern art. 

We work towards creating a group of philanthropists, collectors, professionals and specialists around the Museum, whose new building is being created on Plac Defilad, in the heart of Warsaw. We are helped by numerous natural and legal persons – people from various industries, freelancers as well as those working in the arts, who become our Benefactors, are on the Friends’ Management Board or participate in specific events and projects.

We facilitate an exchange of experiences and knowledge between collectors of contemporary art, advisers and others participating in the arts market. We are present at the biggest events and festivals organised by galleries in Warsaw: WGW and FOAF. For those wanting to discover the arts in Warsaw we organise visits in private galleries as well as in, artists’ ateliers and private collections usually closed for the public.

Our activities would not be possible without the engagement of the youth – volunteers who help us with the organisation of events and the day-to-day running of the Friends. Working with us allows them to both cultivate their love for the arts and discover the inner workings of a cultural institution.

Board Members: Aleksandra Auleytner, Michał Borowik, Helena Czernecka,  Krzysztof Nowakowski and Kinga Szafrankowska.

Information about the membership tiers and benefits is to be found in the BECOME A FRIEND tab.