Guided tour on Miczysław Knut's exhibition in KOHANA gallery.
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  • Guided tour on Miczysław Knut\'s exhibition in KOHANA gallery.

On Saturday, 9th of May, at 4 p.m. will happend guided tour on Mieczysław Knut's exhbition "Nepsis - Hezychia - Prosoche" in KOHANA Gallery.

At the exhibition was presented ascetic selection of works by Mieczyslaw Knut“s three cycles - closed triptych UMBRAE and two still on-going; KRYPTÉ and images-icons.

UMBRAE from Greek means shadow, and three small images are an etude dedicated to black. Despite the overwhelming superiority of dark color paintings in this exhibition, they are de facto only ones painted with black pigment.

In a similarly dark tones, though only apparently black, there are four large paintings from the KRYPTÉ series, which in Greek means something hidden.