• Zbigniew Libera, The Exodus of People from the Cities – a fragment, 2011

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Zbigniew Libera "The Exodus of People from the Cities"

This image is based the panorama presented by the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw at the exhibition „Early Years” at the Institute of Contemporary Art Kunst-Werke in Berlin in 2010.

This work presents the artist’s vision of the future, referring to fantasy motifs represented both in high and popular culture. The photo session was organized on a closed highway near Płock in the fall of 2009 and alludes to a fictional disaster movie with extras from Warsaw artworld. As with his previous works – the series Positives – also here Libera focuses on the analysis of the influence of photography on the collective imagination.

In his futuristic vision, Libera invokes the literary motif of death of metropolis. Residents leave cities – wild, devoid of power, running water and fuel – and set off for a better place to live. In this apocalyptic scenery, one can find a remnants of the coarse visual landscape of the Polish suburbs, so typical to the times of transformation from communism to democracy: billboards, roadside stalls, amateur advertising banners.

Edition 100 + 10 AP numbered and signed by the artist with a certificate of authenticity 80x46 cm

PRICE: PLN 2,000 framed in wood with museum glass

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