Eustachy Kossakowski

Eustachy Kossakowski’s works belong to the canon of Polish and world photography. Associated with the Polish avant-garde, the photographer is known for his work documenting Polish and Paris artistic life. He was a member of Polish art scene around Galeria Krzywe Koło and later the Foksal Gallery.

Kossakowski photographed stage plays of renowned Polish playwrights Tadeusz Kantor and Jerzy Grotowski. Simultaneously, he worked for the most popular Polish magazines "Polska (Poland)" and "Świat (World)", creating one of the most remarkable photojournalism. In 1970, he moved to France, where he created impressive photographing series and books, 6 Meters to Paris and The Lights of Chartres among them.

The Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw owns a complete archive of Eustachy Kossakowski’s negatives. In 2012, the first three collectible portfolios were issued, presenting masterpieces of photojournalism in an limited edition.

Artist's works