Premiere of the book "Gruppa"
18 May 2023

  • Premiere of the book \

Around 600 pages, more than 300 reproductions of works by Gruppa artists and more than 160 documentary photographs from their artistic lives, texts by researchers and much more - the book "Gruppa". The premiere of the first monograph of one of the most important artistic groups of the 1980s.

18 May 2023, 19:00
Museum on Pańska Street
3 Pańska, 00-124 Warsaw

Ryszard Grzyb
Paweł Kowalewski
Jarosław Modzelewski
Marek Sobczyk
Ryszard Woźniak
Werner Jerke - Publisher
Agnieszka Szewczyk - book editor
Aleksander Hudzik - presenter

"The formation of Gruppa is one of the most important events that occurred in Polish art on the eve of its globalisation in the 1990s. As an informal formation with no programme - it was never a project. We can imagine it as a certain artistic and interpersonal space in which a critical mass of painterly talents, diverse inspirations, affects, reflections, the need to experience artistic tradition and, at the same time, the need to transcend it, took place. This critical mass was further subjected to the pressure of the spirit of the times and particular historical circumstances." - Stach Szabłowski writes in the book.

It will be possible to purchase the book during the meeting.

Edited by Agnieszka Szewczyk
Publisher: Jerke Art Foundation, Recklinhausen 2023
Texts: Jakub Banasiak, Waldemar Baraniewski, Anda Rottenberg, Stach Szabłowski
Graphic design: Fontarte / Magdalena Frankowska, Artur Frankowski

Co-organiser of the meeting: Society of Friends of the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw
Patron of the meeting: Szum Magazine