2020 Report

  • 2020 Report
  • 2020 Report
  • 2020 Report
  • 2020 Report
  • 2020 Report

We present a summary of the past year, in which:

Pandemic disrupted our meeting cycles at the Museum, galleries and studios, but we tried to keep in touch with Friends, artists and curators through online programs:

Friends Ask - we published 45 interviews with artists, curators and Friends of the Museum in instagram accounts;
Friends Visit - we published 4 reports on gallery exhibitions in instagram accounts (launching in late 2020);
Private Addresses - we published 22 instagram accounts of artists' studios;
Home Reconstructions - together with the Use Museum team, we held an open competition with prizes for art reconstructions of works from the Museum's collection;
We held the General Meeting of the Society's members online.
Together with the Museum, we co-organized the Refugees Welcome Charity Auction - inviting a number of independent curators and artists to speak, which we published in 52 Instagram accounts. We talked about the works for sale and actively invited Friends of the Museum to participate in the auction. We co-hosted an online auction broadcast with Max Cegielski conducting the auction and Magdalena Lipska, curator of this year's auction.

During the thaw in restrictions, we also succeeded:

Initiated a 30-member Senior Citizens Modern Club, which realized, among other things, an architectural-sentimental walk and visit to the Museum construction site, followed by a social media workshop. Through a Facebook group and email, it also began sharing a series of lectures on contemporary art by Marcel Andino-Velez and art workshops led by Dorota Podlaska.
Organize for 27 Friends a bus tour of galleries during Warsaw Gallery Weekend combined with a visit to the Sculpture Park in Bródno.
Thanks to the Polish Art Now campaign conducted on Instagram during the spring lockdown, we managed to sell the Society's collector's editions for more than 13 thousand zlotys, providing funds for their authors.

At the end of the year we produced, prepared on the occasion of the exhibition "Art Against War and Fascism", an edition of Wilhelm Sasnal's silk scarf "Peace", 2019, which was a great success - we sold all 100 pieces within four days. Another 100 pieces have just gone on sale.

With the funds from a personal earmarked donation, we were able to financially support the purchase of Gizela Mickiewicz's work "Falling Standing" for the Museum's collection within the framework of the Rapid Response Fund with the amount of PLN 20,000.

The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage's funding from the Fund for the Promotion of Culture, allowed us to launch, together with the Museum's Filmotheque, the Polish Home Film Archive project, within which:

Funding from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, from the Fund for the Promotion of Culture, made it possible to launch, together with the Museum's Filmoteka, the Polish Home Film Archive project, within which:

From June to December 2020, 130 film materials from private archives were collected, digitized and made public at www.filmydomowe.artmuseum.pl.
The Museum, with the cooperation of the Association, were first in Poland to take care of the preservation of the narrow tapes and, as a result, managed to save the valuable collections from irreparable destruction.
We organized an online meeting for Friends of the Museum and invited guests with the participation of the initiator of the project Maciej Drygas and Museum curator Katarzyna Karwańska.

All the above activities of the Association and those working on its behalf are possible only thanks to the financial commitment of Friends, Patrons and Patrons.