Guided tour on "Springtime" exhibition in Monopol Gallery.
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On Thursday, May 19th at 6:30 pm. in Monopol Gallery will be organize gudied tour on Edward Narkiewcz, Grzegorz Kozera and Alex urso "Springtime" exhibition.  

The ‘Springtime’ exhibition is the effect of a series of subsequent events sometimes totally random, difficult to explain on the rational level, often intriguing, but sometimes also sad. Spotting Edward Narkiewicz’s painting by coincidence was the starting point for the whole story. The death of Wojciech Skrodzki who was to write an introduction to the exhibition and be its co-curator is its most unpredictable and tragic moment. For Wojciech Skrodzki Narkiewicz was an important artist whose works he often referred to in his texts, while Alex Urso’s and Grzegorz Kozera’s output is perceived by the critic as the young generation’s return to threads and problems which he found very vital in art.