Allegro Art Prize

  • Allegro Art Prize

Allegro and the Contemporary Lynx Foundation announce the third edition of the Allegro Prize competition with a total prize pool of PLN 80,000, which aims to support and promote the arts and identify new talents.

~ The call for entries ends as early as September 27.

~ The competition is aimed at:
- Artists from all countries, all ages, all disciplines.
- Students or graduates of art schools.
- All artists regardless of whether they have completed art studies.

~ Taking part in the Allegro Prize competition, artists will have the opportunity to present their work in front of a distinguished jury, which includes representatives of the art world: Joanna Kamm (director of Liste Art Fair Basel), Ksenia Malykh (head of the PinchukArtCentre Research Platform), Slavs and Tatars (art collective), Anja Rubik (supermodel, philanthropist and founder of the Sexed. pl), Dorian Batycka (art curator and writer), and organizers Dobromiła Blaszczyk & Sylwia Krasoń (art historians, editors-in-chief of Contemporary Lynx magazine) and Karolina Miszczak (owner of the Collections and Art category on Allegro).

~ No entry fee. All entry fees are waived.

~ For more information: