Artist Editions

  • Artist Editions

Friends of the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw in cooperation with artists, who have cooperated with our Museum, have published a vast portfolio of artist editions.

Proceeds from sales of artist editions go towards purchases of artworks for the collection of the Museum in addition to purchases funded by the Ministry of Culture. This fund represents civic support for the Museum.

Most of our artist editions were published as digital prints, silkscreen prints and photographies printed on specialised photographic substrates. These unique artworks realised in limited editions may individuate your home and/or office interiors. Framed in bespoke frames designed by our framing specialist they may became remarkable gifts. These are:

  • digital prints of artist editions printed on occasion of farewell to Emilia Pavillion, 
  • artist editions prepared on occasion of the exhibition "Beguiling Siren is Thy Crest" which inaugurated the Pavilion on the Vistula;
  • artist editions representing works from the collection of the Museum; and
  • photographic editions from archives of artists deposited by MSN.

For more information go to EDITIONS tab or visit the Museum on the Vistula. 

Editions can be purchased at the Museum on the Vistula – cash or card – or by contacting us at – bank transfer. As it is customary with artist editions the prices increase the price will increase as the ediotn sells out.